About is a website where sportsshooters  around the world can connect and compete in air-rifle or air-pistol events.  It is made out of love to shooting and bringing the shootingfamily closer together and it is run by the former two times world record holder in air-rifle and 3 times olympian Leif Steinar Rolland (pictures). The shootingfamily is a nice place to be and now it is possible for you to make your shootingfamily bigger by joining this website.    

Around the world there is many shooters that never get abroad from their country to compete against other shooters from other
 countries. With there is a chanse for everyone to shoot an international competition with low cost. And you will also compete with others around the world in same level as you are in yourself.  The competition will be every second week and take place over a week eachtime.  You will have the chanse to compete with old scores (10,9,8 and so on) and also with decimals.

Since it is a competition it will cost something.    
From the entryfee you are paying the following will happen.

-Prizemoney to 1-3 in each class (maximum 150 usd to first place. If reaching the maximum level more people will get prizemoney)
-It will be started a youth fundation so it will be possible to apply one time per year for an activity for youth shooters in your club. It will be a comitee that will decide who will be awarded for fundation.
-Also there will be a lottery at the end of the year. There will be 10 equal prizes and you get tickets for each time you compete and have sent your result. So if you have two results that you have sent to admin thrugh your profile and it is on the resultlists you have two tickets. If you have 26 of them you have 26 tickets.

I hope you will enjoy the site and time you spend here. Welcome and have a nice time.