Presentation of Committee

Abhinav Bindra (33) India
Abhinav Bindra is a well known shooter in rifle. He is olympic champion, World Champion, Asian champion in air-rifle and became the first ever olympic champion from India when he won in Beijing in 2008.

Sara Antunes (39) Portugal
Sara Antunes started to shoot in 1992. She is as a Veterinary Surgeon and works as a coach in her club.

Yessenia Monzón (34) Guatemala
Yessenia has been shooting for 12 years now. She is working as a coach in Guatemala for youth shooters. Her occupation is a sportlawer in her country.

Louise Richards (39)Great Britain
Louise Richards has 20 years of experience as a international shooter. She obtain the C-license in ISSF coaching and has been in the Great Britain national team for disabled shooters for 6 years. She is now having her own business in coaching for able shooters and disabled shooters.

Leif Steinar Rolland Norway
Leif Steinar has 16 years of international experience and 10 years as toplevel shooter. He is also a coach and has worked as a coach for 14 years in different level (clubs to different national teams) This includes able and disabled. He has also been used as mental 
coach in other sports. Leif Steinar obtain the B-license in ISSF coaching.